Janyo Frozen Yogurt in Yuba City

Janyo Frozen Yogurt is a great place to go enjoy some dessert with friends and family, your Yuba City Chiropractor highly recommends giving it a visit! Janyo Frozen Yogurt is located in Yuba City at 1520 Butte House Road. Janyo Frozen Yogurt opened May 8, 2009 and continuously grew throughout the years. Janyo Frozen Yogurt has an amazing friendly staff as soon as you walk in you are greeted kindly. Janyo Frozen Yogurt is definitely the place to go in Yuba City!

Great Place for the Family

It’s a neat and clean yogurt shop with seating inside as well as and outdoor seating area to enjoy your yogurt. With a huge variety of over 60 toppings low-fat flavors to choose from, it’s fun, healthy and delicious to build your own yogurt. If you can’t make a choice on which flavor to get, Janyo’s offers samples of any flavor you would like. Janyo Frozen Yogurt is only 49 cents an ounce! Enjoying your favorite flavors along with your favorite toppings with the company of your friends and family is definitely a nice way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

As holidays come along Janyo Frozen Yogurt gets creative with decorations to set the holiday feeling. Therefore, Janyo’s introduces new flavors with the seasons which makes your experience so fun and festive. Janyo’s also gives out a punch card when you visit, after buying your eighth yogurt you can get a $2 discount on your next purchase! Yuba City has numerous places to hang out and have fun times with your family and friends. Janyo Frozen Yogurt is definitely one of the places to enjoy your customized yogurt and share a laugh with your friends and family!

The Sandwich Spot

Visiting Janyo Frozen Yogurt also has the benefit of going to The Sandwich Spot, right across Janyo’s. The Sandwich Spot is an amazing place that will hit the spot if you are feeling a sandwich. The Sandwich Spot was found in June of 2006 by Thomas M. Heally. The Sandwich Spot is unique in its own way. Fresh bread, cheese, and meat daily for customers perfect sandwiches as well as the option of gluten free bread. The Sandwich Spot also has fun and creative names for their sandwiches which makes The Sandwich Spot stand out. But, not only does The Sandwich Spot give you sandwiches that are handmade, you can also customize your own salad with toppings that are your favorites! The Sandwich Spot is a comfortable place for a lunch, in the same location area of Janyo Frozen Yogurt.

Both places in Yuba City are great to stop by and grab a bite. The employee/staff is very welcoming and absolutely great places to enjoy with friends and family. Fresh handmade sandwiches at The Sandwich Spot and your customized yogurt with as many toppings as you would like at Janyo Frozen Yogurt. Great places in Yuba City to stop by and they are right across from each other!

Mountain Mikes Pizza

Right next to Janyo’s is Mountain Mikes Pizza, which has been around for more than 15 years in the Rite Aid Plaza.