Exploring Yuba City and Surrounding Areas

Yuba city is a beautiful place to live and visit. It has many beautiful features, scenic views, and activities. Your Yuba City Chiropractor recommends checking out the following sights.

Agricultural Place

It is known has an agricultural place along with its surrounding cities. Yuba city largest crops are filled with rice. Other popular foods that Yuba City has crops for are walnuts, plums, peaches, milk, and cattle in that order. More options that are grown here are kiwifruits, grapes, timber, almonds, and hay.

The Sutter Buttes

Although you may not find everything you need or want to do in Yuba City, there is a number of beautiful cities nearby that are fairly close to choose from that provide great activities and resources. If you are trying to stay in Yuba city there is a wonderful spot called the Sutter Buttes. It is the highest point in Sutter County at 2122+ feet and is also known as the world’s smallest mountain range. The Sutter Buttes provides you with a parking lot and a guided hike. The trip from the parking lot and back is only 3 miles long. This guided hike costs $35 a person. You can make reservations and find more information on their website: https://www.sutterbutteslandtrust.org/.  This mountain range at the time sunsets is absolutely stunning. It is a perfect date idea for you and a friend or you and a loved one to have a picnic and watch the sun set. Another one of the features at the Sutter Buttes is the field of beautiful sunflowers. If you are interested in photography this is a great place for you to be taking pictures or getting pictures done.

Hollow Falls in Oroville

If you are willing to venture away from Yuba city for more nature activities, there is a city called Oroville that is only around 30-40 minutes away. There is a hiking trail in Oroville called Hollow Falls that is only 1 and a half miles long and is completely free to enjoy! It is an amazing beautiful place filled with an abundance of different fields of flowers to look at and smell. Once you reach the end of the trail you will be stunned upon the beauty of this huge wonderful that ends in a decent sized pool of water entering into a small stream. You are welcome to get in the water under the water fall and you can even bring your dogs on the hike as long as they are on a leash.

The Sacramento Zoo

If you are looking for more activities unrelated to scenery or nature, there is plenty of options in Sacramento. From Yuba City, Sacramento is only a 40-50-minute drive. It is a place filled with restaurants, stores, clubs, and activities. One of the popular attractions in Sacramento is their zoo. General admission is only $16.50, seniors is $15.50, and children’s prices are $11.50. If you are interested, you can check it out more on their website at: https://www.saczoo.org/ .

Sacramento Murals

Another popular thing to do in Sacramento is viewing their murals. They have plenty located around the city, and if you love art or photography these are wonderful pieces to visit. Here is a couple links that give you more information on the locations of these murals by clicking here and here .

Ultimately Yuba City is a great central point to explore beautiful attractions and enjoy fun activities, in the city and nearby.