Cinemark in Yuba City

Your Yuba City Chiropractor loves going to the theaters because it is a fun way to escape reality and become intune with any movie. Cinemark of Yuba City is located near highway 99 on Whyler road connected to our busy streets, there is no way you can miss Cinemark because of the bright red sign it displays.

A Great Theatre

Cinemark has many screenings of upcoming films that people get excited to see. The movie theater also provides snacks, like; popcorn, slushies, candies, hotdogs and nachos. The customer service at cinemark is great. Everyone is super nice and very helpful, it is a very organized business. Once you step foot inside you smell fresh buttery popcorn on your left, cinemark has 18 rooms, with each room dim and seats made comfortable for you to lay back and watch a movie of your pick.

Easy To Get Tickets

Getting your tickets is also very easy you can get them online, on the app or at the self serving ticketing kiosks. Cinemark has a very neat app where you can get rewards and more! Cinemark also has an event room where you can rent the hall for a day to throw a surprise birthday party. Many schools book field trips with Cinemark so students can watch documentaries on the world. Every tuesday is discount tuesday, which means ticket sale for 5$. On the rest of the days tickets are 10$.

Diverse Screenings

Many cultural movies are also screened at the Yuba City Cinemark, cultural food is also provided. Saving your rewards can also save you money on buying fresh popcorn or drinks for the movie. The movie is projected through a movie projector that is projected on a big screen with a huge auditorium and built in wall speakers so that the movie watchers can relax and enjoy their time. If you ever need to check showtimes they have a very informative website and app.

Get Dinner Nearby

Near Cinemark is an indian cuisine with delicious food for people who decide to go dinner after their movie. There is also a gas station near Cinemark for individuals who like to take their snacks into the movies with them.

Join the Movie Club

Joining the movie club at Cinemark can get you 20 percent off concessions. Cinemark provides student discounts, military discounts, family day and seniors day. Cinemark also offers private screenings for people who want to rent a theater room out and see the movie a day early. You can also sign up for daily emails and purchase gift cards for your loved ones. On the daily emails you just have to sign up and become the first to know about any tickets going on sale, exclusive discounts and offers, and upcoming events. On the Cinemark's rewards program you can earn one point for every dollar you spend. Being a member of the movie club also gives you the benefit of receiving one free ticket a month, free large popcorn and free drink refills, and with all your reward points saved up you can redeem them for tickets and more rewards.